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Hackers use stolen password to access TurboTax tax return information

Programmers got to government form data put away with TurboTax utilizing a taken secret key from an outsider, an Intuit representative said Monday.

The assault, prior detailed in Dark Reading, didn't break the inside frameworks at Intuit, which claims TurboTax login. Rather, assailants took arrangements of passwords taken from different administrations and utilized them to attempt to sign in to TurboTax accounts, the representative said. There, important individual data, for example, Social Security numbers, names and addresses, is put away in expense forms.

Just one record was gotten to, the TurboTax representative said. The record was of a client in Vermont.

The strategy is designated "qualification stuffing," and it works since individuals reuse a similar secret phrase over different records. You're in danger on the off chance that you utilize a similar secret phrase for your TurboTax record and some other assistance that got hacked. It's a similar methodolog…

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